Look! Parker & Priscilla

What an awesome wedding!  I really enjoyed getting to know Parker and Priscilla and their wedding day could not have been more perfect.  Priscilla looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and Parker was so calm and relaxed.   Each moment from the ceremony to the park, to the reception was great.  I just loved the strong heartfelt connection between family and friends, and the groomsmen had such a great sense of humor they just kept everything rolling.


6 thoughts on “Look! Parker & Priscilla

  1. Fay…Your photoblog is stunning; you have put a lot of work into this site and it shows. Congrats on a beautiful site. I do have to tell you that the wedding party on the bridge jumping is a hoot. I love it. Did you worry about the bridge collapsing…just kidding…what a great shot and it brought a big smile to my face. Again, congrats on a well designed site; it enhances your fantastic photos.

  2. What energy in your photography!!! These wedding images are fantastic,Fay. And,this web site is just beautiful. Lovely work,Fay…bbond

  3. Fay – You are so talented! Your photos bring the joy of the wedding couple to life. I’m enjoying your blog.
    Adele Sandberg

  4. Fay — These photos are incredible. You managed to capture the spontaneity of the moments but also produce beautifully composed images. I love these. My favorite is of the groomsmen walking across the street — how original and fun. Perfect. Great job!

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