Monthly Archives: September 2009

Look! Parker & Priscilla

What an awesome wedding!  I really enjoyed getting to know Parker and Priscilla and their wedding day could not have been more perfect.  Priscilla looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and Parker was so calm and relaxed.   Each moment from the ceremony to the park, to the reception was great.  I just loved the strong heartfelt connection between family and friends, and the groomsmen had such a great sense of humor they just kept everything rolling.


First Blog Post!

Welcome! It certainly took much longer than anticipated to set up my blog, but that is because I just could not settle for that boring wordpress standard layout. So I took some time to do some research and came up with a fun look that is also very practical for viewing multiple images. I hope you will enjoy this blog, subscribe and/or come back again some to see more of my photography.