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Look! Sneak Peak – Sommer Canvas Art

Just finished a new painting!  This was truely an inspiring piece to work on as I love to play and listen to music. I wanted to capture that vibrant, enlivening sense of being when one is playing music.  Color and motion weave with the notes to create the “Music Man”.   This original painting and a limited number of smaller signed art prints will be available for sale this spring.

Music Man

Look! Hannah

Just finished Hannah’s images from a downtown urban session that we completed recently in Ann Arbor.  What an awsome high school senior!  Hannah is beautiful, smart and has an absolutely delightful personality which definitely stands out in all the portraits that we completed for Hannah.


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Look! Parker & Priscilla

What an awesome wedding!  I really enjoyed getting to know Parker and Priscilla and their wedding day could not have been more perfect.  Priscilla looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and Parker was so calm and relaxed.   Each moment from the ceremony to the park, to the reception was great.  I just loved the strong heartfelt connection between family and friends, and the groomsmen had such a great sense of humor they just kept everything rolling.